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Greetings, adoring fans.

This blog is set up to provide you with resources to find free images. By free, I generally mean public domain, although I will also provide ways to find images released under free licenses, such as the GFDL, Creative Commons licenses, et cetera. I'll explain all these licenses in a later post.

The best place to find free images, hands down, is the Wikimedia Commons. It's the official image repository for Wikipedia, among other sites. All (well, most) images are tagged with their copyright status, source, and are categorized for easy searching. To find public domain images, for instance, look up Category:Public domain. To find free images of Notre Dame, look up Notre Dame. Et cetera. The best part is, you can upload any free images you find to it, so if you like any images I point you to in this blog, please, feel free to upload them to the Commons.

I'll also provide commentary on copyright law, specifically as it refers to images. I'm personally a fan of the ideas of Lawrence Lessig and Jessica Litman, and I encourage you to read their works for an insightful analysis of the state of copyright law today and what should be done about it.

One more thing; although I discuss international copyright issues here, I'm an American, and I focus on United States law. If you have questions about your particular situation, e-mail me, and I'll try to be helpful. I'm reachable at gmail.com, where my account name is my name, MichaelWaddell.

I hope you find some useful information here. I'll try to add links and new content every couple of days, so check back often.

New to blogs and image rights and regulations and found your blog was first on my google search keywords "free license to your images blogspot", to add images on my own blog. Thanks and a link to this page I will add too!
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