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U.S. Government images

As I indicated previously, the U.S. Government is not authorized to claim copyright. For that reason, any image that is taken by an employee of a U.S. Government agency, acting in an official capacity, is in the public domain (PD). Here is a terrific web portal to various government images:
However, as the page says, not all images in the list are actually PD. A few of them are copyrighted by quasi-government agencies, such as the Smithsonian Institution. Even these have rather permissive licenses. If you wanted to download and use this picture of a fish for non-commercial purposes, Smithsonian's license says that would be fine. But if you tried to make money off of it, they could sue you. (Here is their official policy.)

This is one thing I'm very proud of about my country. If you wanted to use an official British government image, you have to ask the Crown's permission. The same is true of nearly every country on the globe. But if you want to use a U.S. government image, even if you want to make money off it, you're free to do whatever you like with it.

Here are some other great sites to find U.S. Government images, all in the public domain. These are links to image portals themselves, not to the department's main web site.
And the list goes on and on. I'll add more links as time permits. These should keep you for a while.

You can find lots of copyright free images at Public Domain Images . Thanks for all the info.
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